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Chapman Issue 107

Issue: 107 - Unacknowledged Legislators!

Our title is from Edwin Morgan?s challenging poem, ‘Acknowledge the Unacknowledged Legislators!’ newly-published here, welcoming the formation of the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group for Literature, and a hard-hitting Manifesto by Carl MacDougall which includes a list of 50 different Scots words for ‘drunk’! Rab Wilson translates Horace?s rude Satires into an energetic, vibrant and exciting Scots. Winners of the Robert Louis Stevenson Award, Donal McLaughlin, Gavin Bowd and Louise Welsh present the ground-breaking new fiction and poetry written at Grez-sur-Loing in France or inspired by their stay there. Among the new writers are New Zealander Lee Kofman, reflects on the problems and plusses of writing in a foreign language in ‘The Writer and the Hydra’, American Roy Kesey produces a remarkable and unusual short story, ‘Cheese’ which doubles as a Beckettesque philosophical treatise and Eabhan Ní Shuileabháin from Ireland. Old friends re-appear: Rody Gorman, George Hardie, Shanta Acharyra, Alexis Lykiard, and John Law translates Neruda, Sorley MacLean and George Gampbell Hay. All this, more, and a lively reviews section. Featured artist is the remarkable Sheila Mullen, whose painterly interpretations of Scottish folk tales and ballads are stunning, full of colour, magic and mystery! August 2005, 144 pp, 215 x 150mm, ISBN-10: 1-903700-14-0, ISBN-13: 978-1-903700-14-3 £6.40