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Chapman Issue 109

Issue: 109 - In Praise of the Lyric Muse

Stewart Conn at 70 – new poems,
Conn on Muriel Spark, appreciations by Colin Nicholson …
Meg Bateman interviewed on Gaelic, new poems
David Daiches – the Poet
New work from Frances Campbell, Charlie Gracie,
Norman Kreitman, Richard Price, Tessa Ransford
Featured Artist: Anda Paterson

Stewart Conn has been prominent from his wild (hair) days in the 60s and 70s. Happy birthday! Many more to come! His talent and energy still burn bright, inspiring others near and far. We have here new poems and an article from him on the poetry of Muriel Spark. Colin Nicholson admires Conn’s “realm of possibility”, Kevin McEneaney boogies in “the fun-house” of Conn’s cortex! And musician John Sampson describes their collaborations over his poem-sequence ‘Roull of Corstorphine’. He has become a mentor, an inspiration for so many writers.

Meg Bateman is not the only non-native Gaelic speaker/ writer to excel in literature, but her achievements as poet and academic – and as herself, are very special. Here, she muses on the differences between languages, the process of translation and the slow death of Gaelic.

Here also is a wide selection of poetry by the late David Daiches, culled from many years, plus new work from David Betteridge, Frances Campbell, Gavin Dunlop, Robert Ewing, Charlie Gracie, Norman Kreitman, Brian Lamont, Donald Mackay, Zerrrin Otgur, Richard Price, Tessa Ransford, Julie Stradner, Todd Swift, translations from Chinese into Scots from David Purves. From the US is Elizabeth Reeder, from Canada W D Fyfe. And more!

Glasgow artist Anda Paterson visits the down-and-outs in Scotland and Portugal, and finds beauty and nobility rubbing shoulders with the grime – in people, cats, oxen and dogs!

April 2007, 144 pp, 215 x 150 mm, ISBN: 978-1-903700-19-8 £6.50